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World Habit Day | 5 October 2020 | Knowledge

World Habit Day 

5 October 2020

Every Year , world Habit Day is celebrated annually us the first Monday of October. The event focuses on the state of human settlements and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. World Habit Day was Established in 1985 by the UN Assembly.

Every October, United Nations - Habit and partner organize a month of activities, events And discussion of urban sustainability.

UN Habit Makes plain the need need to plan cities in order to avoid the chaotic development of urban sprawls and all the associated problems that are created as a result. A well planned city can bring just that. Cities can be centers for economy activities and urban challenges can be addressed and opportunities can continue to be afforded to both current and future residents.

History of World Habit Day 

World Habit day was declared first in 1985 by the united nations General Assembly after passing a resolution 40 / 202. Later on it was first celebrated in the year 1986. This DA is to remind us to be self - disciplined and be responsible citizens and to make us aware that we have the power to change. 

World Habit Day: Facts

1. World Habit Day 2020 will be hosted by the city of Surabaya, Indonesia.
2. The event was primarily about the state of human settlements especially in urban areas and their right to sufficient shelter.

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