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World Student' Day 2020: Why is it Celebrated - Knowledge

World Students Day 2020: Dr. A.P.J. Kalam's Birthday 

World Students' Day is celebrated on 15 October which is the birth anniversary of the Missile Man of india Dr. Abdul Kalam. Why it is celebrated on 15 October and how it is celebrated ? Let us have a look.


Students are the future. These are the people and the minds that are going to take our countries forward those who want to further their Knowledge, with a lot of students going to great lengths to do so.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Is a true inspiration to every student across the world the united Nations cannot find a better day other than the birthday of kalam to dedicate world student day ! 
Kalam is Remembered as the people's president and he is not just limited to his Role as a scientist in developing the nation is military missiles, which gave him the nick name missile MEN OF INDIA. Is also popular for his role as a teacher and continues to do so until his last breath.
The common explanation was that the late scientist was found of his achievement of being a teacher, among others. While the country has been celebrating this over the last few years, no one knows how it originated. In fact, in the UN official Website, October 15 is declared as the international day.

Learn About World Students Day

World's Students' Day is the perfect opportunity for us to pay honor to the students of the world. From all corners of the Globe, Students are working hard to achieve their career goals and make a difference. Some students leave their Families and travel far and wide to have a place in a university that will help them to have a better life and provide for their loved ones this is something that we should definitely honor and celebrate.
Whereas a lot of local students are able to fully concentrate on their studies and making new friends, international students have plenty of other barriers that they need to overcome as well. When most students are able to go home to see their family and friends, students from overseas do not have this luxury. Also, a lot of home students get financial and in the form of loans and grants, which is not always available to those that have come from abroad.

October 15 

Among his books are "wings of fire" 'My Journey' ignited minds - unleashing the power within India , and India 2020 - A Vision for the new Millennium , kalam was a gem The nations will treasure forever. It is only fitting the world remembers OCTOBER 15 has world student day as a mark of respect to the men.

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